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Building Colombia's Next Major Natural Gas Company

Fueling Colombia’s clean energy transition

Natural gas accounts for a quarter of global electricity

Natural gas is the lowest-emitting fossil fuel and a critical component of the energy transition, helping to meet increasing demand while lowering greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality. It is one of the few energy sources that can be used across all sectors of the global economy. Natural gas is used to generate electricity, provide heat for essential industrial processes, heat homes and fuel the transport of people and goods.


Maria Conchita

80% WI


195 Bcf of prospective resources including net 2P reserves around drilled areas of 26 Bcf


Aruchara-1 successfully re-entry tested 7-11 MMSCF/d thought seperate DSTs in 3 different zones 

Gas plant at 14KM pipeline built connecting Maria Conchita to national pipeline infrastructure

Gas production commenced at 3.5 MMSCF/d with production volume expected to ramp to 16-20 MMSCF/d

Additional well planned at Maria Conchita in H1 2023 to support Aruchara-1 production



72% WI


1.5 TCF of best estimate unrisked prospective resources (253 BCF risked) with gross 3P reserves of 36 BCF and best estimate contingent resources of 37 BCF

Best Estimate Unrisked Prospective Oil Resource (Leads) of 201,122 Mbbl


The Brujo-1X exploration well encountered one of the thickest gas columns ever discovered in the Lower Magdalena Basin testing 11.2, 18.2, and 21.2 MMSCF/d from 3 drill stem tests in the Ciénaga de Oro formation (51 MMSCF/d combined)

The Magico-1X discovery tested 15 MMSCF/d from 3 zones

Two consecutive discoveries with 100% drilling success rate



10-40% WI

Blue sky asset with excellent natural gas exploration potential